Displaced Femoral Neck Fracture – Part 2 Now Live


After creating a hand made blade plate, the surgeons treated Haamid T. with open reduction and internal fixation. They used a 3.5 mm limited contact dynamic compression plate (LC-DCP) that was sized and bent to fit.

Due to the possibility that Haamid T. might not return to the hospital for hardware removal, the surgeons stopped short of the physis. They also used tension band augmentation of the trochanteric apophysis.

Displaced Femoral Neck Fracture – Part 1 Now Live


Haamid T., a ten-year-old boy, was on his rooftop collecting bullet casings when he tripped and fell eight feet to the ground. The next day he was brought by his uncle to the local national hospital with a swollen, painful right hip and was unable to walk.

After a two-week treatment of bed rest prescribed by the local national doctor, Haamid T. showed no signs of improvement and was brought by his family to the local level II combat support hospital.

Figure 1

At the military hospital, Haamid T. was diagnosed with a displaced femoral neck fracture. It was also noted that the boy was small in stature for his age. All of the fixation implants at the hospital were “adult-sized.”

What would be your treatment plan at this point for Haamid T.?

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Orthopaedics in Motion – Volume 3 – Fall 2011 is now available online


Orthopaedics in Motion – Volume 3 – Fall 2011 is now available online.

Orthopaedics in Motion is a quarterly newsletter containing sections on disaster preparedness and trauma care. The newsletter also includes overviews of the latest aspects of clinic care, continuing education, research and innovation pertinent to the practicing orthopaedic surgeon.

For Orthopaedics in Motion – Volume 2 – Summer 2011 please visit The Disaster Preparedness Toolbox and click the Newsletter link.

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